Fiberglass repair
Anchor Marine Inc.
500 Van Roy Road
Appleton, WI

Service Description

We fix fiberglass! Whether you've got a little scratch that needs buffing out, a small chip or major damage - we can fix your boat.

Fiberglass repair that's done right. We use the highest quality materials and factory gel coats so your repair is strong and looks great. We'll evaluate your damage and give you a quote that will cover fixing the damage correctly. You do not want to leave fiberglass damage left unfixed because, just like rust on a car, water intrusion into damaged areas leads to more extensive repairs (and cost).

Many people are surprised at how affordable repairs can be and everyone is impressed with the results. Repairing fiberglass is a complicated process that differs form automotive paint repair. Don't trust your boat to someone who isn't experienced with this specialized repair.

We prefer to fix your fiberglass in the winter. That way you're not without your boat during our short open water season and we simply have a bit more time in the winter. Obviously if you have a major problem that's keeping you off the water during the season we'll work with you to minimize your time off the water.

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